The Restorer's Shed

1975 Honda XR75

Work forces us to do a lot of things we don't necessarly want to do - and so I found myself living in a little one bedroom apartment with no garage, no workshop and not much room to do anything.

So how does one restore engines without a workshop, and without room?? Answer: Get a smaller engine!!.

Enter the J.A.P. Model 2A

This is a great little engine - with the emphasis on the "little". I can restore this on my dining room table.

J.A.P. made two different versions of the Model 2 - The Model 2A and the Model 2S. The 2A was the run of the mill everyday engine, while the 2S was the Heavy Duty version, with Bigger sump, and therefore better lubricating, and a better Govenor system.







Villiers Fire Pump