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Welcome to the Outboard Motor Page

Restoring anything is fun - but restoring something that you can then use to go speeding around the local harbour/river/lake is a lot of fun even after the actual restoration is complete!!

Everyone has their own thoughts on what to do with their lovingly restored item. Some like to restore them to absolute perfection and then sit them in the corner as a tribute to both the restorers work and the item itself, some like to do as little aspossible other than get the item working as intended and leave them in their "working clothes" so to speak - no new paint, leaving the original patina present - as each dent and scratch and rust spot is another chapter in the life of the item, and there are lots of others in between.

I reckon all approaches are valid because they are all saving items fromn the scrap heap, saving history in this throw away society. But for what its worth - I like to restore as well as I can, and then use them in the manner for which they were intended - and of course for an outboard - that means fanging around the nearest waterways.....but I do so quite carefully :)

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