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The humble lawn mower had it's beginnings back in 1830 when Edwin Budding invented the first Lawn Mower - it was mechanical reel mower and we still use similar designs today.

But it was not until over 100 years later that engines became small enough to be utilised on a simple push mower. Once that happened Lawn Mowers developed the form we know today when in 1952, an Australian, Mervyn Victor Richardson, developed the Victa Lawn Mower,and the rest is history.

Perhaps surprisingly to many of the younger folk out there who are used to today's throw away and built in obsolesence society, there are thousands of these 1950's model Victa Lawn Mowers still being pushed around suburban homes today - still working after nearly 70 years.

I doubt we will see any of today's lawn mowers cutting grass in 70 years time - even the Victas (which are now made in China ...... sigh.....)

You will see the story of the resurrection and restoration of three mid 1950's Victa 18s IThe Triplets) on this page -along with a lot of other Lawn Mowers - some of the Mowers awaaiting restoration include:

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Victa 18

Victa 18