Standard Telephone and Cables Model 543

STC 543 Restoration

Remember when the humble wireless used to be a significant piece of furniture?? There was no such thing as a television, and the family used to sit gathered around the radio listening to radio shows - and there were some famous ones we still talk of today - the famous (infamous!!) 1938 broadcast of alien invaders, Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, or later all through the 1950's Eccles, Count Moriaty, Bluebottle (the Goons) graced (??!!?!) the airwaves across Australia, Europe and most of the world.

I must confess that allof these things were before my time - but I must also confess to listing to original recordings of these shows through my old restored radios. I have a little transmitter - The Spitfire - which I use to transmit the recordings and listen to them on my old valve radios.

Here are a few pictures of one such radio I have awaiting restoration.

I'm not entirely sure of the date just year - but I've narrowed it down to either 1939 or 1940. Just after the Orson Welles broadcast.